Sister Kenzie - S11:E3 - Kenzie

Kenzie Madison has just the costume to get under her preacher dad_s skin: A sexy nun. She_s had an ongoing relationship with her stepbrother_Kyle Mason_so she calls him in to help her zip into the sheer outfit. Kyle is alarmed at Kenzie_s choices since they_re supposed to go do a bible study with their dad_but at the same time he_s totally turned on by the getup. Kenzie tries to cajole Kyle into a quickie_but heis concerned that they_re going to get caught and into trouble. Kenzie is persistent_so she eventually gets her way with brother_s dick in her mouth. She keeps on sucking until their dad calls them in for bible study.
Kenzie takes a moment to change back into her normal clothes before going to join Kyle and her stepdad_Chris Valiant_in the living room. She doesn_t quit with teasing Kyle every time her dad is distracted. When Chris goes to take a phone call_Kenzie pounces. She goes back to exploring Kyle_s hardon with her mouth_then lifts her skirt and slides down on his fuck stick.
When Chris returns_the two stepsiblings barely have time to make themselves presentable. Retreating to the other side of the sofa_Kenzie waits until her stepdad leaves. Then she slips her hand between her thighs to entice Kyle to come give it to her once again. He gives in_taking his sis on her back and then as she kneels on the couch. Pulling out to cum all over Kenzie_s back_Kyle is just finishing up when Chris rejoins them and catches them enjoying the afterglow.
Kenzie Madison

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