Hot blonde Candee Licious wants to get her ballet routine just right_ so she spends lots of time practicing. As Candee_s coach_ Max Dior understands his student_s drive for perfection_ but he also needs her to chill out. Fortunately_ he can help with that by offering his cock for her to suck and fuck.
After taking plenty of time to enjoy the treat of Max_s stuffue with plenty of licking and sucking_ Candee climbs onto his face so that they can mutually indulge in a 69. Since her pussy is so close to Matt_s member_ Candee soon slides forward so that she can come down with him buried deep inside of her. That kicks off a lusty fuck fest where they explore a variety of different positions_ many of which require the help of Candee_s ballet bar for balance.
By the time Max has brought her all the climaxes she craves_ Candee knows just how she_s going to repay his kindness and help him get off_ too. Back on her knees_ she uses her magic hands and talented mouth to tease Max until he blasts his load all over her waiting open mouth and tits. Smiling and relaxed_ Candee now knows she can go back to her practice with a clear head.
Candee Licious

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