Caught With Your Pants Down - S2:E1 - Brandi Love, Kiera

When Seth brings his homework to his teacher Brandi Love for help_ he_s in for more of a lesson than he bargained for. Once Brandi finds naughty pictures of Seth_s big cock on his phone_ she decides to snap a few sexy pics of herself while questioning her man about the girls he_s interested in. When she finds out that he has the hots for Kiera Winters_ Brandi knows that she needs to take matters into her own hands to make sure that he_ll be an amazing lover for her step daughter.
After establishing that Seth is an adequate kisser_ Brandi invites him to pull off her thong and give her landing strip pussy a thorough licking as she offers advice to help him improve his technique and guides him through the whole process until he gives her a powerful climax.
For his next lesson_ Seth leans back and relaxes as Brandi delivers a blowjob that instantly gets him hard and eager as he learns all of the moves that he likes best. While she_s right in the middle of this lesson_ in walks Kiera. Brandi instantly brings her stepdaughter into the mix_ walking the two new lovers through the first few steps of their first sexual encounters.
Seth has a chance right away to put his new training to work_ rubbing Kiera_s sensitive slit beneath her mini skirt while Brandi encourages her to use her small hands and eager mouth to pleasure Seth_s big erection.
Next Seth gets to try out his new pussy licking skills on Kiera while Brandi makes sure he stays hard as a rock. Soon she coaxes the two lovers together_ coaching Seth to use slow steady strokes at first and to speed up gradually.
As her stepdaughter grows closer and closer to her climax_ Brandi encourages Seth to go down on her dripping twat and use his tongue to give her clit the last encouragement it needs for a moaning climax.
To show her gratitude Kiera gets down and licks her man_s cock_ shifting further down to wrap her lips around his balls as Brandi gets in on the action. Once he_s hard as a rock_ Seth experiences the feeling of two girls riding him at once when Brandi slides onto his dick and Kiera positions her pussy above his talented tongue.
Next Brandi walks her two students through coming together doggy style_ giving advice to Seth for ways to keep his lover satisfied. Once she_s convinced that Seth knows what he_s doing_ she takes this opportunity to teach Kiera how to lick pussy like a champ.
Finally_ wanting Kiera to cum again before Seth releases his load_ Brandi shifts down to lick Kiera_s clit while she_s being fucked_ bringing her to a second climax that milks the last of Seth_s restraint. Unable to hold back any longer_ Seth fills Kiera_s tight twat with his cum that drips into Brandi_s eager waiting mouth.
Brandi Love, Kiera Winters

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