Toy Demonstration - S3:E3 - Alana Cruise_                                                                                                                            Lizzie Bell -

Alana Cruise is starting a new business where she sells sex toys_and she decides to try out her spiel on her stepson Michael Vegas and his girlfriend Lizzie Bell. She starts out by showing off all of the various sex toys that she has on offer_and she quickly convinces Lizzie that the toys are best explained with a demonstration.
After getting Lizzie naked_Alana offers her the first toy to suck and feel the glassy texture. Then she slides the toy down Lizzie_s body until she reaches the blonde_s bald pussy and slides it in. Lizzie starts moaning almost instantly as she enjoys the feeling of having her snatch fucked by Alana_s toy.
Of course the girls don_t want to exclude Michael_who eagerly joins them when Alana and Lizzie invite him over. Taking the toy from his stepmom_Michael slowly pumps it in and out of her tight fuck hole with strokes that speed up as Lizzie_s gasps of excitement grow louder.
While Michael works his magic on Lizzie_s snatch_Alana chooses the next toy that she_d like to demonstrate. Michael decides that perhaps it_s his stepmom_s turn to have some fun_so after giving her a searing kiss he tugs her clothes off and presses the toy to her landing strip twat.
Both girls are soon up on the table enjoying their respective toys as Michael does whatever he can to help increase their pleasure. Now that Alana and Lizzie are all warmed up_the real fun for all three of them can start. Michael spots another toy that he_d like to try_so he arranges the two girls on their hands and knees and then slides a double-headed dildo into each of their fuck holes so that they can explore the sensual pleasure together.
Now Michael finally gets his reward when Lizzie and Alana press him down onto the table for a double blowjob. These cock hungry chicks can_t get enough of licking and sucking on Michael_s dick and taking turns Hoovering his heavy ballsack.
The trio rearranges themselves so that Lizzie is on her feet bent over Alana_s display table with her face buried in Alana_s muff and her pussy getting fucked hard by Michael. Once Lizzie has had her fill_it_s Alana_s turn to lay down on the table with her legs spread for a good pussy pounding and her tongue busy fondling Lizzie_s clit for one more Big O.
Their lovemaking nearing completion_Michael goes full-tilt in Alana_s fuck hole until he just can_t hold back any longer. Pulling out at the last moment_he jizzes all over his stepmom and leaves a delicious mess for Lizzie to lap up with warm wet strokes of her tongue and snowball into Alana_s mouth.
Alana Cruise_                                                                                                                            Lizzie Bell

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