Rebeccas Anal

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY!!! The man turns 25 today and what do I do for him? I get him one of the hottest girls on the planet. He doesnt know whats going on because I blind folded him but like a bloodhound he smells pussy in the air. So his present Rebecca walks over to him and starts teasing him. Im the bestest friend ever. I asked her to sit on his face and like a little girl she does exactly what I asked. Mikey is starting to get an idea for who it is but still doesnt want to say so I ask Rebecca to get a 69 position going and she gets down to it. She really loves cock, no bullshit. You can see it in her face as she has some meat lodged down her throat. Finally Mikey figures its Rebecca and takes off the blind fold to see her pretty snatch in his face. She keeps on sucking but Mikey wants to get inside her so he gets her on top and slide inside her airtight pussy! Rebecca can fuck like nobodies business. Watch the way she makes every movement count. And just we you thought it couldnt get any better. Mikey asks for a little birthday anal and Rebecca being the giving person she is makes sure hell never forget this one. If you thought her pussy was tight wait till you see her ass get plugged. And whats better then anal? How about some Ass to Mouth! Yup she cleans it up after. But she wasnt done yet. She goes for round two on that ass and Mikey just cant stop and cums all over her. Since its his birthday he decides that he going to go for 2 straight sessions. Maybe one day someone will give me a present like this.
Rebecca Linares, Mikey Butders
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