The boys are relaxing in the dorm waiting for new boy Tibor to show up...they are playing around, playing darts and arm wrestling. Tibor arrives and is welcomed to ... morethe dorm. He has bought a cake for the lads but has mis-judged the numbers and as a result he has to face the initiation to the ups and the paddle are the right of passage. Tibor now gets the full treatment...he is sucking everyone_s cock and loving every minute of it. The teacher turns up and after his initial shock steps forward and measures each cock before stripping off and getting down to the business of cock sucking. The final scene is a six way fuck fest...holes are licked fingered and fucked...cock is pumping hot holes and everyone wants more. Tibor is now really one of the lads. The session finishes just in time for the teacher to lead the lads to the college ready for us to start filming volume 2.
Danki Bell, Enrico Belagio, Mickey, Raul, Sergio Soldi, Tomi
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