Eveline And Kery with Eveline Neill - Eveline Neill,, Kery Miller, (SimplyАnal.com)


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Featuring: Eveline Neill,, Kery Miller,
Released on: Oct 10, 2015
Duration: 34' 43''

Eveline and Kery love to wake each other up with kisses and today is no different as this gorgeous lesbian couple kiss on the bed.  Kery is feeling rather amourous and strips Eveline naked before licking her pussy and rimming her ass. Eveline fingers her own ass while Kery's tongue is working her way around her hole too!   Eveline doesn't want Kery feeling left out, so she licks her ass too and fills it with a little sex toy!  Kery's ass is gaped wide apart, first with their fingers and secondly with a pair of kitchen tongs!  Once fully satisfied, Kery shoves a butt plug in Eveline's tight ass, followed by a glass dildo. She licks up all of Eveline's juices.


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