Learning Lines With Sis - S11:E6 - Chloe

Tyler Nixon is in a bit of a pickle. He and his hot stepsister Chloe Temple recently showered together as a matter of practicality complete with some accidental touching. Now Chloe seems to have moved one while Tyler is still wrapped up in her body. Chloe asks Tyler to help her with a drama class that she takes very seriously by doing a reading with her. When Tyler hesitates and tries to bring up the shower Chloe starts bargaining. She offers to do Tyler_s chores for a whole week. When that doesn_t work she throws in washing his car.
Once Tyler agrees Chloe reviews the scene and sees that they both need to be naked. Tyler refuses but Chloe says that_s fine she_ll just get naked by herself. They start their reading but Chloe just can_t get fully immersed with Tyler fully clothed. Chloe tries saying she_ll do his cores for a month if he gets naked. Next Chloe tells Tyler they_re going to have to kiss. He freaks out but Chloe shuts him up with a kiss that has nothing to do with the script. Her hand finds his hard dick making it clear that she_s pretty into her naked stepbro. Chloe_s hand stays on Tyler_s dick stroking him off until she quits kissing and leans in to start sucking.
Tyler is still a little unsure about the situation but Chloe stays in charge as she crawls on top of Tyler and impales her trimmed twat on his hardon. She rides him as he reaches around to fondle her anus. Then Chloe turns around so she can give Tyler some reverse cowgirl action as she thumbs her little titties. On her hands and knees Chloe mewls with delight as Tyler bangs her from behind in a proper pussy pounding. He flips Chloe onto her back as her moans fill the room giving it to her until he fills her pussy with his cum.
Chloe Temple
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