Mommys Boy - S11:E8 - Britney

Nathan Bronson hates the way his dad_Chris Valiant_treats his stepmom_Britney Amber. He walks in on his dad fucking his stepmom and degrading her right up until he cums inside her. Britney sees Chris there_and they share a mutual moment of sadness that Chris treats her that way. Nathan takes the opportunity to steal a kiss with Britney to try to give her back some of her confidence. The tension between them keeps building as Britney proves that she_s more than willing as she pops out her titties and drops to her knees to start blowing Nathan_s cock. Then Chris ruins the moment by calling Britney in to give him a beer.
Later_Nathan learns that his stepmom really has built up a bit of confidence around him as she comes strutting into the living room in a sexy dress just for him while his dad is passed out beside them. She draws Nathan in for a kiss_then gets on the couch so he can feast on her cream filled pussy. Britney_s big breasts jiggle with every sighing breath as her stepson shows her what real pleasure is. Then she does her best to hold the moan as he gets to his feet and shoves his dick all the way inside.
Their romp continues as Britney climbs into Nathan_s lap and slides down on his dick. Bouncing away on his fuck stick_she covers her mouth with both hands to stay quiet. Then she gets on her hands and knees so Nathan can bang her doggy style. He pulls out just in time to spray his stepmom_s big ass with jizz. Their afterglow doesn_t last long as Chris wakes up and spies them both naked and satisfied on the couch.
Britney Amber

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