Work Out Session - S3:E10 - Sierra Nevadah_                                                                                                                            Winter Marie -

In the midst a workout session where they perform yoga moves together on their patio_Winter Marie and Sierra Nevadah decide that there_s no reason not to indulge in some play at the same time. Giving each other naughty smiles_the two girls peel off their clothes and resume their workout completely nude.
Once they_re finished_it_s only natural for them to come together in a loving kiss that quickly gets steamy in the summer sun. As their hands wander each other_s bodies_Sierra and Winter know that the inevitable conclusion is going to be orgasmic.
The girls kick off their outdoor fun by sitting side by side and reaching over to massage each other_s bald pussies. When they are both wet and juicy with their excitement_they turn to face each other so that they can enjoy some scissoring action while simultaneously playing with each other_s rock hard nipples.
As their mutual climaxes come ever closer_Winter takes the initiative to lay Sierra down on their workout towels so that she can sweep her tongue up her woman_s juicy slit. Not willing to be the only one receiving pleasure_Sierra coaxes Winter to switch things up.
Soon_Sierra is sitting atop Winter_s face having her dripping twat eaten out. The position allows Sierra to use her eager hands to massage Winter_s needy clit_bringing her lover ever closer to the edge of ecstasy as the girls engage in a delightful race towards completion.
Winter ultimately wins when Sierra insists on burying her face in her woman_s soft twat and using her talented tongue to drive her to a big climax. After exchanging a lingering kiss_Winter resumes her place between Sierra_s legs and this time she doesn_t stop until Sierra is trembling her orgasm.
Sierra Nevadah_                                                                                                                            Winter Marie

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