Cant Control Myself - S1:E1 - Alex

We are excited to present a new potential series for Nubiles-Porn and we want your input! Please tell us in the comments what you enjoyed about this scene. What are possible points for improvement? Stay tuned for the photo set that accompanies this video_coming in March 2019. We wanted to release the video as soon as possible to start getting some feedback about the scene_but we didnt want to compromise the quality of the photos_so they are being delayed slightly. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments; we_re listening.
Alex Blake is a naughty coed who likes wearing tight clothes_short skirts_and no panties. Her parents have sent her to a facility to correct her behavior_but that wont stop her from sneaking cigarettes. Dick Chibble catches Alex in the act of smoking and lets her know hell have to search her for more contraband. Alex peels off her clothes to prove she hasnt got anything else_and Dick tells her he needs to call a female administrator. She has just discovered that Dick has a stiffie when Lauren Phillips_one of the women on staff_walks in on them.
Dick has just enough time to shove Alex behind the door to hide her nudity. While Lauren is gossiping about how some of the guys who work there cant keep it in their pants and some of the girls are tricky_Alex pulls Dicks hardon out and starts sucking on it just out of Laurens sight. By the time Lauren leaves_Dick is well aware how close he came to getting caught and fired. He decides to mix business and pleasure by fucking the cock hungry teen. He spanks Alex and bends her over her desk so he can sink balls deep into that tight teen twat.
Alex grabs a pillow and hops onto the desk so she can lift one leg against Dicks body as he bangs her with one hand around her throat. He keeps it up until she cums_then lets her know that next time she needs to ask permission. When Alex accepts his warning_he keeps going until Alex has asked_then begged. Then he lets her know that its time for daddy to cum_so Alex strokes him off until he gives her a facial of hot jizz.
Alex Blake

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