Taking Care Of Mom - S12:E3 - Rachael

Kyle Mason has a thing for his bigtit stepmom Rachael Cavalli_but he would never dream of going for it. Instead_he does little things for her whenever he can. When Rachael comes home from a long day at work_Kyle greets her with a sandwich and an open ear to listen to whatever she wants to talk about. Eventually_Kyle offers to give his mom a massage. They relocate to the living room_where Kyle suggests she may be more comfortable with her shirt off. He reassures Rachael that there_s nothing untoward about his intentions_and he means it: He_s a total gentleman as he rubs his stepmom_s back and then moves down to her feet.
Rachael eventually notices Kyle_s boner as he massages her feet. She thinks to herself that maybe she ought to help him take care of it. Getting clever with her feet_Rachael rubs Kyle_s dick to communicate to him that she sees what he_s feeling. She says it would be okay for him to kiss her. Kyle is a little afraid to tell mommy that he_d like to rip her skirt off and fuck her_but Rachael likes the way that sounds. She rolls her miniskirt up her thighs and pulls her panties aside as an invitation for Kyle to eat her out. Once she_s nice and wet_Rachael gives Kyle permission to stick it in and enjoy all of his mommy_s charms.
Rolling onto her knees_Rachael offers herself to Kyle for a doggy style pussy pounding. Kyle doubles down_winding his hand in his mom_s hair as he bangs her. Then he enjoys the ride as Rachael pushes him onto the couch and climbs onto his fuck stick for some reverse cowgirl action. As Rachael sucks her own juices off Kyle_s hardon_she encourages him to give mama a mouthful of cum.
Rachael Cavalli

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