Seducing Daddy - S2:E2 - Haley

Haley Reed decides it_s time to seduce her stepdad Romeo Prince. Dressed in just an apron that acts as a miniskirt and lets her small tits peek out, she does chores around the house. When Romeo finds her, Haley is all smiles as she asks if he likes her outfit. After reminding him that she is his stepdaughter, Haley drops to her knees and pulls out her stepdad_s dick. Soon she_s humming happily as she sucks it in for a deep throat delight.
Rising to her feet, Haley puts one foot on the counter to spread her meaty twat for Romeo_s pleasure. Within moments Romeo has his hands around Haley_s waist as he pumps her full of hot cock. When his hands slide up to her neck, Haley can_t bite back her gasp of delight. Finding herself on the counter with her stepdad_s hardon buried in her tight ass, Haley hangs on for the ride.
Turning onto her side, Haley continues to take Romeo_s anal pounding. When she plants her feet on the floor so he is fucking her ass doggy style, Haley can_t keep from exploding with passion. Satisfied, she gets on her knees to jack her stepdad off until he fills her mouth and gives her a facial with a shower of hot cum.
Haley Reed

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