Pervy Step Brother - S8:E10 - Izzy

Izzy Lush is into her stepbrother Ricky Spanish_but she doesnt want to admit it. When she walks into the living room and starts showing off her hot bod for him_he does take notice just for her to ridicule him. She even flashes him and claims hes never seen a set of tits before!
Later_Izzy is busy masturbating in her room when Ricky walks in. He opens himself to more ridicule from his stepsister_who laughs that hes never seen a pussy or fucked before. Her teasing is fuel to Rickys determination that hes going to fuck his stepsis. He gets his opportunity a while later when Izzy leaves the door open while shes in the bathroom. When she once again starts to tease_Ricky lets her know hes been perving on purpose and that he cant take it anymore. Whipping out his dick_he starts jerking off.
Izzy is initially startled_but she likes her stepbrothers dick so much that she cant keep her hands or mouth off it! She cant think of anything but fucking Ricky right there_right now. Bending over the toilet_she takes a doggy style pounding from behind. Then she hops on the counter so she can watch him bang her to climax. Pulling out_Ricky covers Izzys muff in a stream of hot cum.
Izzy Lush

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