Girls Will Play - S19:E9 - Elza A

Jeva and Elza A can barely keep their hands off of each other on the way home from a hot date. By the time they make inside they_re lip locked and ready to play. They instantly peel off their dresses then settle in for a warm exploration of each other_s mouths and bodies. Lingering kisses and sizzling caresses get even hotter as Elza tosses Jeva to the bed and laps at her girlfriend_s soft titties before kissing her way down Jeva_s body.
Settling between Jeva_s thighs Elza goes to work with her talented tongue. Jeva_s meaty pussy is already wet and ready when Elza goes searching for the clit. It doesn_t take much for Elza to get Jeva moaning and eager to return the favor. Jeva helps Elza out of her dress nipping at Elza_s breasts before moving lower to the heart of Elza_s pleasure. She too is easily able to make magic with her tongue as she settles in for a languorous pussy feast.
The girls have each enjoyed one climax already but what_s another between girlfriends? They roll around on the bed together each playing with the other_s pussy. When Jeva winds up on her back she helps Elza climb on top and lean forward to complete their 69. The position allows both girls to play before they separate. Jeva enjoys Elza_s ministrations a while longer but eventually Elza tags out to ride Jeva_s mouth. Satisfied the girls keep on kissing as they settle in for a post-coitus cuddle.
Elza A Jeva
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