I Love My Step Brother - S4:E7 - Chloe

Chloe Temple is very close with her stepbrother Damon Dice. She loves him and will do anything for or with him. Whether it_s chores homework or anything else Chloe will do it as long as Damon is with her. The only thing they disagree on is how Chloe can dress. Damon wants her to wear modest clothing while Chloe wants to dress slutty. They argue about it and eventually Damon spanks Chloe and then undresses her when she won_t do it herself. He hands her a modest dress to put on and that_s the end of it as far as Damon is concerned.
Later when the stepsibs have returned from their party they_re hanging out on the couch when Chloe passes out and lets her hand fall to Damon_s crotch. Damon tells Chloe to take a nap but when she won_t listen he tosses her over his shoulder and takes her to the bedroom. Getting manhandled by Damon is a total turnon for Chloe and she shares that news with Damon as she squirms in his arms. Grabbing Damon_s hand Chloe guides it to her twat so he can see how very wet it is. With his cute submissive stepsis staring up at him like that Damon can_t say no to her insistence that she wants to suck his dick. As soon as Chloe_s lips wrap around his shaft Damon knows he_s made a good choice.
Little does Damon know though that Chloe wants so much more than his cock in her mouth. She wants to know how he feels buried inside her as she lays face down on the bed and then as she_s on her feet continuing to take it form behind. When Chloe asks nicely for Damon to lay down on the bed so she can ride him he goes with the flow. Her greedy snatch is slippery with juices as she enjoys a reverse cowgirl ride and then gets on her back so Damon can finish her off. He_s about to pull out so he can cum himself when Chloe surprises him by wrapping her legs around his ass to hold him close and to give him no choice but to glut her with a creampie of his cum.
Chloe Temple
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