Family Tree - S6:E6 - Lady

Hey everyone! We wanted to try something new with this scene. Checkout it out and leave your comments below. We are considering this scenario for a new series and would love to have feedback from website members. What did you like about this scene? What do you think could be improved upon? Would you like to see more scenes like this one? Sound off in the comments_we are listening!

Ricky Rascal knows he is distantly related to Lady D._but when he meets his distant relative_he_s unprepared for how hot she is. He shows the family tree he_s working on to Lady_who is horrified at the photo he has of her. She offers to get him a better picture if he will come home with her. Lady isn_t prepared for the attraction she feels for her cousin_but she knows just what to do: she goes into the kitchen and hikes up her miniskirt so she can peel off her panties. Bringing beer and a photo album_she rejoins Ricky.
When Ricky gets to the dirty photo at the back of the album_Lady takes her chance and hops on the table with her thighs spread to prove she_s wearing nothing beneath her dress. She asks if Ricky knows that Czech girls love to fuck_then starts rubbing his hardon with her feet. Scooting forward_she lets Ricky feel her twat up before she bares her breasts and then slides down onto her knees so she can start sucking him off.
Ricky isn_t about to turn down the opportunity to fuck his hot cousin! He takes her as she lays on the table in front of her bed. When they relocate to the bed itself_Lady rides Ricky like her own personal steed. Her shaved pussy throbs with delight as he brings her off. Then she gets back on her knees so that she can stroke the cum right out of him. Her handy doesn_t end until Lady is wearing Ricky_s jizz all over her neck and tits. That_s when Ricky reveals that Lady was a little bit closer on the family tree than he led her to believe.
Lady D

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