Off To College - S10:E3 - Brittany

Brittany Andrews is a devoted wife to James Bartholet and stepmom to Justin Hunt. Justin is getting ready to go off to college_and Brittany is concerned that her inexperienced stepson won_t know how to handle all the girls he_ll meet there. She talks it out with James while giving him a handie in bed_then has an aha moment: she will have a talk with Justin about the birds and the bees.
Later_Justin is chilling out and enjoying some porn and a wank when Brittany drags James in to have a family heart to heart. He covers up just in time_but Brittany eventually notices his stiffie and points out that this is exactly why she_s here! When Brittany starts stroking Justin off_James agrees to let his hot wife show Justin the ropes before school. With her husband_s blessing_Brittany pops out her enhanced big boobs and then wraps her soft lips around Justin_s hardon.
James eventually leaves when he_s certain that Brittany has things well in hand. Brittany holds nothing back_climbing into bed with Justin and riding him like her personal steed. Then she gets on her hands and knees and instructs him how to take a lady doggy style. They have one last romp as Justin pounds away at Brittany_s bald twat while kneeling between her thighs. At Brittany_s instruction_Justin then pulls out an covers her stomach and twat in his cumshot to prove that he has the stamina to please any college chick he meets.
Brittany Andrews

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