Teacher Says Drop Your Pants - S4:E5 - Adira

Adira Allure is a teacher at a local school and she has quite the reputation for sleeping with her students. Jay Romero and Kyle Mason are surprised when Ms. Allure is the landscape customer they_ve been sent to service. They do their best not to be perverts but it_s just so hard when Ms. Allure struts outside in an itty bitty bikini to sunbathe. Speaking of hard both boys are rock hard after Ms. Allure decides to take off her bra for some topless sunbathing. They try to look away and not get caught and they_re both very relieved when Ms. Allure goes inside.
Too bad that Ms. Allure only relocated because she was really really warm. Kyle and Jay can see her through the bedroom blinds and they really can_t help but stare. When Ms. Allure notices them she beckons for the boys to come inside. They do but they_re surprised when their teacher tells them to take off their pants for her. She insists that they both jack off in front of her. Although the boys are hesitant they do as teacher tells them. Imagine how pleased they are when Ms. Allure makes it clear that she_ll be helping them out on the road to getting off.
Dropping to her knees takes one cock in each hand. She keeps on stroking with the off hand as she brings first one and then the other dick to her mouth to start sucking. After proving that she can handle herself giving oral pleasure to two cocks at once Ms. Allure climbs onto the bed to show that she can pleasure them both at the same time too. While Kyle enjoys the full force of Ms. Allure_s attention with her hands and mouth Jay gets to tap that in doggy. Then Ms. Allure hops onto Kyle_s big dick for a stiffie ride in her cream filled fuck hole. As she rides Ms. Allure keeps on sucking so Jay stays hard and ready for his next act. On her back Ms. Allure lets both boys have at it one last time as she blows the other. While Kyle cums inside Ms. Allure_s mouth Jay gets to glut her with a creampie of love that dribbles from her pussy when Jay pulls out.
Adira Allure
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