Taking Things Too Far - S12:E2 - Maya

Maya Bijou has a real lovehate relationship with her brother Lucas Frost. When Maya discovers that Lucas is adopted_she can_t wait to tell him. Lucas thinks it_s a prank_but his mom_Dava Foxx_winds up confirming it even though she_s distracted by the phone. That gives Lucas an idea.  He_s had a crush on Maya for ages and thinks she_s super hot. Now he has the ability to act on his fantasies.
Lucas waits until Maya is in the middle of changing before he walks in on her. Maya tells him to get out_but then changes her tune as she decides instead to fuck with Lucas. She pops her boobs out to jiggle them in Lucas_s face_then flashes her ass and twat to him. Maya thinks she has the upper hand_but Lucas takes her up on her invitation to shove his dick inside. She freaks out when he does_but then decides Lucas_s cock feels really good and she wants to see where this goes.
The adopted siblings enjoy doggy style for a bit_but then Maya takes a short break to enjoy sucking Lucas off. Since Lucas is already on his back_Maya hops on to ride that fuck stick. Lucas reverses their positions_banging Maya as her titties bounce with every stroke until he can_t wait another moment. Lucas has just splooged all over Maya_s stomach when Dava walks in on them naked and flips out.
Maya Bijou

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